Holiday and hunting season

posted 2013 Dec by Kim Keeling

Our blend of spices make a unique christmas gift for those that are hard to buy for. The seasoning are a special blend of our own farm products in order to create a truly unique character seasoning. Basically the seasonings dont make your recipe they just add characcter to them. Our Chili Mix is also a blend of seasonings that well lets just =say the chili tastes the same every time you make it. Not only with beef but with venison and all other wild game. You cant go wrong with the chili mix. With a little creativity you can make your own Rub by adding a littl brown sugar for pork with the rise of wild hogs well we got the fix for the Chef that is doing the cooking. 2 parts prown sugar to one part Chili Mix "AWESOME".

2013 Season

posted 2013 Oct by Kim Keeling

This season on the farm has truly been a blessed one. Record cantaloupe, watermelon and pumpkins not to mention peppers. We just finished a batch of 15 bushel of jalapenos for the 2013 chipotle stock. This year we grew a Pueblo Chile that was a medium heat this particular chile is what makes pueblo colorado famous and we will not take that from them. Great Chile Pueblo, CO !!. If you are ever in Pueblo do not leave with out some roasted pueblo chile. And by the way why you are there go to Grays Tavern and have a slopper MMMM. Smothered in Green Chile of course. I am sure you can get them at other establishements however this is the only place I have been. Thanks for visting the site and dont forget to try some of our rubs and the chili mix. Chow.  God bless all of you , your family and friends.

2010 Growing Season

posted 2010 Feb by Kim Keeling

This growing season is fast approaching Booty Farms is of Course going to grow a few jalapenos, roasting Chilies, Giant marconies, cantaloupe and Seedless Watermelon and of Course some okra for wind breaks. Last year we got hammered by hail this year we are going after it again we gotta pay for college some how. If there is a vegetable or fruit you think we ought to add to our collection please let us know we still have a few motnths before growing season.

Booty Farms Chili Mix

posted 2010 Feb by Kim Keeling

Booty Farms Chili mix is made from Garlic, Chili Powder, Chipotle, and all of your own home recipe spices. This Chili Mix is versatile. It can be used for chili of course however it can also with a few additions make a great white meat rub. Just add three parts brown sugar and 1 part chili mix and ya gotta great rub that will absolutly melt in your mouth. When you put this rub on your chicken or pork it will melt within 30 minutes and form a sweet and spicy goo that when grilled smoked or baked will form a glaze which is fabulous we call this recipe Sweet and Chili Rub but you have to make it yourself from our chili mix. Any questions either give us a call or send us an Email.

First Post

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