Sweet and Chili pulled pork.


  • Booty Farms Chili Mix
  • Brown Sugar
  • Salt
  • Pork shoulder or Butt

Directions: 1 part Chili Mix to 2 parts brown sugar mix together and apply to Pork of choice.  sprinkle lightly with salt and let set overnight (8 Hours) wrapped with plastic wrap.

Get smoker grill temp to 250  and cook for 8 hours or until temperature in the thicket part reaches 180 degrees for easy pulling. It will seem like forever at 150 and when it breaks and gets to 180 remove I from the cooker and let cool down and pull it. Try it  with cole slaw on top.

Tip if you can find a butt or shoulder with skin on slice skin with 1 inch spacing and rub the pork down. cook the same way however when it reaches 180 remove it from the grill or raise the temperature in the grill or oven to 450-500 degrees and put the pork in and cook till the skin gets crispy remove skin and garnish the pulled pork with the strips for some special crispy pork skin goodness.